M -222 Black Poppy

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Special Features

Freezer Capacity                      40%

Refrigerator Capacity              60%

Cooling Type                             Frost

Door Quantity                            2

Freezer Type                            Top Freezer

Dimension(mm) HxWxL        1397 x 580 x 580

12 Years Compressor Guaranty

Freezer Capacity                      40%

Refrigerator Capacity                60%

Cooling Type                            Frost

Door Quantity                           2

Freezer Type                            Top Freezer

Door Lock                                Yes

Refrigerant                               R-600a

Refrigerant Charge (g)               36

Blowing agent of PU foam         Cyclopentane

Inner Liner                                HIPS

Door Plate                                VCM/Glass

Side panel                                PCM

Back panel                               Aluzinc

Power                                      73W

Compressor Voltage range        135V-260V

Rated Voltage (AC)                   220~240 V

Rated Current                           0.38A

Rated Frequency                      50Hz

Built in Stabilizer                       YES

Dimension(mm) HxWxL           1397 x 580 x 580

Capacity (Liter)                        222

CFT (Overall Dimension)           12

Net Weight (Kg)                       53

=> Maintain Proper Temperature in Freezer and Refrigerator Competentto Protect Vitamin and Long Storage Time of Frozen Food.

=>Using Energy Saving Compressor, Maintain Foaming Density 36k/m3(German Chemical),Using Energy Saving Refrigerant(R600a).

=>Using Food Grade Korean Resin to Make Plastic Item.

=>Anti-Fungal Door Gasket & Easy Removal for Cleaning.

=>High Tempered Door Glass to Absorb the Shock.


Remarks: The above design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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